Best Symbian Phones Ever

July 29, 2015

Symbian is at last dead. In Nokia’s final quarter money related results, the organization reported that the Pureview 808 future Nokia’s last Symbian telephone. We’ve seen this aiming to get a while, as Nokia said it would begin moving far from Symbian in 2011. In any case, this is the period toward the end of the sentence: the last part for the first cell phone OS.

At the point when savants assert that the iPhone was the “first cell phone” – or anything like that – I lash out noiselessly, on the grounds that it’s so distant from reality. Apple’s iOS is a fine OS, yet it’s a second-era cell phone OS, nearing an entire seven years after the first Symbian telephone, Ericsson’s R380, touched base in 2000. (In our audit of the R380, we said that “the Symbian EPOC OS has an exquisitely composed interface with a quick reaction to include.”)

nokia e71

nokia e71

Symbian’s roots are even more seasoned than that. It’s plunged from Psion’s EPOC16, presented on Psion’s Series 3 PDAs in 1991. Psion’s later 32-bit OS, called EPOC32, was renamed Symbian in 1998. In our 1998 gathering of handheld PCs, we gave the EPOC32 (otherwise known as Symbian)- controlled Psion Series 5 an Editors’ Choice recompense, saying that no other gadget we tried at the time “surpasses the Series 5’s parity of elements, cost and battery life.”

I did my first cell phone roundup at PCMag in 2004: 14 telephones, six of which ran Symbian. By then, Symbian had turned into the predominant worldwide cell phone OS, outpacing Palm OS and Windows CE. At the OS’s tallness of fame somewhere around 2004 and 2007, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and LG all produced Symbian telephones with a scope of UIs for ravenous, early cell phone clients.

nokia n95

nokia n95

Applications? No doubt, we had applications. In 2004, I composed favorably of the “hundreds” of outsider applications accessible for Symbian. The stage had application stores, as well: Handango’s InHand, for case, was accessible for Sony Ericsson Symbian telephones beginning in 2003.

I was a Symbian client myself for a couple of years, on account of the astonishing Nokia N95 and E71. In my brain, these were the two finest Symbian items, and the best Nokia items, in all of history: a definitive mixed media telephone and the ideal informing telephone. The N95 had a 5-megapixel camera with an incredible camcorder mode while Apple was puttering alongside a 2-megapixel camera without any alternatives. The E71 outpaced BlackBerry with its exquisite metal body and prominently usable, domed console.

nokia 808 pure

nokia 808 pure

Symbian never turned out to be as prominent in the U.S. as it was comprehensively, in light of the fact that its fundamental champion, Nokia, became presumptuous. After some accomplishment with right on time Symbian telephones on AT&T, Nokia declined to offer modified variants of future gadgets to U.S. bearers, demanding that they get worldwide models. U.S. bearers like some more babying than that. Nokia and Sony Ericsson additionally ventured far from making CDMA telephones, keeping Symbian out of Sprint, Verizon, Alltel and different bearers.

You could say that Symbian’s passing was fixed by the enormous movement to touch screens around 2009. Like BlackBerry OS, the Series 60 UI wasn’t initially intended for touch screens, and subsequently, Symbian touch-screen telephones were never viewed as natural. In any case, on the off chance that you zoom out a bit, you see that versatile working frameworks simply have around a 10-year lifespan. Symbian, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, and Windows CE were the first round, initially intended for the low-control processors and moderate systems of the mid 2000s. They’ve following been succeeded by Windows Phone, WebOS, BlackBerry 10, and Android, all intended for more cutting edge equipment and ease of use ideas.

nokia e71

nokia e71

So grieve Symbian, however don’t lash out. It was extraordinary in now is the ideal time. Its time passed. Rather, how about we investigate my 10 most loved Symbian telephones through history, all together of inclination. My point of view is extremely U.S.- concentrated, so I’d be intrigued to see what a few individuals from outside the U.S. think. Include your own particular contemplations underneath.

WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian – Free Download

July 25, 2015

Whatsapp is an amazing application that allows the users to send the text messages along with the audio messages, videos and images.  Please download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger and enjoy our service free for 1 year! During, or after free trial period you can purchase service for $0.99 USD/year.


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If you already paid for the service you will not be asked to pay for it again.

Minimum requirements:

  • Unlimited internet data plan!
  • Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, or Symbian Belle Operating System

Supported device list:

  • Symbian: X7 · E6 · N8 · C6 · C7 · E7 · 500 · 600 · 603 · 700 · 701 · 808
  • S60 5th edition: Nokia 5800 · Nokia 5530 · Nokia 5230 · Nokia 5233 · Nokia 5235 · Nokia N97 · Nokia N97 mini · Nokia X6 · Nokia X5-01 · Nokia C6 · Nokia C5-03 · Samsung i8910 Omnia HD · Sony Ericsson Satio · Sony Ericsson Vivaz · Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
  • S60 3rd edition: Nokia 5700 · Nokia 6110 · Nokia 6120 · Nokia 6121 · Nokia 6124 · Nokia 6700 · Nokia 6290 · Nokia E51 · Nokia E63 · Nokia E66 · Nokia E71 · Nokia E90 Communicator · Nokia N76 · Nokia N81 · Nokia N81 8GB · Nokia N82 · Nokia N95 · Nokia N95 8GB · Nokia 5320 · Nokia 5630 · Nokia 5730 · Nokia 6210 · Nokia 6220 · Nokia 6650 fold · Nokia 6710 Navigator · Nokia 6720 · Nokia 6730 · Nokia 6760 Slide · Nokia 6790 Surge · Nokia C5 · Nokia E52 · Nokia E55 · Nokia E72 · Nokia E73 · Nokia E75 · Nokia E5 · Nokia N78 · Nokia N79 · Nokia N85 · Nokia N86 8MP · Nokia N96 · Samsung GT-i8510 · Samsung GT-I7110 · Samsung SGH-L870 · Samsung SGH-G810 · Samsung SGH-iNNN

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Symbian vs Android

July 18, 2015

Android vs Symbian, Which One is More Superior? will discuss about the two operating systems on smartphones that are circulating in Indonesia, namely Symbian and Android. For other mobile operating systems will be discussed on another occasion.

Why comparing both ‘Operating System’ / OS? Because as we know, mobile phones with Symbian OS and Android is that many in our society. Symbian has been known in advance because of his birth than the first Symbian Android. While Android is a newcomer who is now booming in Indonesia and the world. Even now some local mobile phone vendors also carry Android as their mobile platform.

First we will discuss thoroughly the Symbian OS. Its history in 1998, Symbian is a joint venture of several players in the mobile world is Psion, Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola. Then in 1999, Matsushita (Panasonic) joined thereto. In the following years many mobile phone makers are starting to adopt Symbian technology. In 2000, Sony and Sanyo licenses Symbian OS, the 2001 Fujitsu and Siemens also purchase a license. 2002 Samsung bought a license, the same year also Siemens and Sony Ericsson became one of its shareholders. Samsung became one of the shareholders in the year 2003. In 2004, Psion and Motorola sold its shares to Nokia, Symbian is now controlled most of the shares by Nokia, the leader in mobile-phone sales worldwide.

Symbian OS is the operating system 32 bit, with little endian concept and runs on several types of ARM microprocessor architecture. Symbian process of working with the principle of preemptive multitasking. Support for integrated peripheral devices in the kernel as a kernel extension that is written in a DLL (dynamic linking library) apart. The kernel runs in privileged mode and provides services to applications that run in unprivileged mode via user library. Symbian OS also provides clusters library such as networking (TCP / IP, PPP, FTP), Communication (Bluetooth, IrDA). To access these services by using the concept of client-server relationship. Clients using services API provided by the server to communicate with the server. All client-server communication is governed by the kernel. Symbian OS has several advantages including the following:

Small, feature rich.
Open platform for applications, third-party.
Great connectivity with other devices.
The platform is growing.
High performance, 32-bit OS with preemptive multitasking.
Long battery life.
Support and commitment of the global handset makers.
Applications can be designed once and run on multiple devices.

Many developers who develop applications for this operating system, based because several considerations, including the following:

Symbian OS is written in C ++, the operating system entirely based on object-oriented system so flexible, efficient, reuseability, and extendability.
API (Application Programming Interface) that is clear, facilitate membuataplikasi-application.
Has multitasking and memory management efficient.
Based event driven process rather than multithreaded, thus saving memory for context switching.

In the matter of reliability, Symbian OS is designed so that no data loss occurs very rarely and the device reboots, since Symbian OS has the following capabilities:

Prevent memory leak with an effective memory management
Removing the instantaneous power source is not used anymore.
Properly handle the error out of memory with error-handling framework that is effective

Symbian OS has several device design in accordance with his family or the so-called DFRD (Device Family Reference Design). DFRD a specification in terms of user interface and hardware configuration, so much tipetipe different phones that utilize this operating system, Miscellaneous DFRD namely:

Crystal, for rich features such as the type of Communicator, which has a full keyboard, large display lcd flat and holds a lot of information for business purposes.
Pearl, for which the smartphone as a standard mobile phone with a small lcd and keyboard are limited.
Quartz, to mobile phones with the ability to pen-based or touch-screen that does not require a keyboard.

To the weakness of the OS on this one, the most famous is the virus problem. But for S60v3 version up I think is rare for problems caused by a virus, there is not even (experience of the author during wear E63). Perhaps the Symbian has made massive improvements in terms of security or safety. Then (which is also the author’s own experience) if we make modifications / hacking and install many applications sometimes some default application can not run or shut down by itself.

Go to the Android OS. Android is an operating system for mobile phones based on Linux. Android provides an open platform to developers for creating their own applications for use by a variety of mobile devices. Initially, Google Inc. bought Android Inc., newcomers who make software for mobile phones. Then to develop Android, formed the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 34 companies for hardware, software, and telecommunications, including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, and Nvidia.

Android is not tied to one brand of mobile phones, several well-known brand HP already uses Android, among others, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Nexus, Motorola, and others. Even the mobile phone vendors Bamboo Curtain country is famous for its low price-the price had also started to embed Android on cell phone range.

Android is made with a base Linux kernel has been modified. You may find it strange when I heard the names of designations in the various versions of Android. Because for each of his release was given a code name based on the name of the food dishes. So do not be surprised if there is a name of Android Honeycomb, Gingerbread (gingerbread?) Or Android Ice Cream.

Android there are several levels since the start of development in 2008 include:

· Android version 1.1
Was released in 2009 with a simple menu

· Android version 1.5 (Cupcake)
Android Version 1.5 is an improved version 1.1. On this version are the addition of several features in this version of the mobile the ability to record and watch videos with the camera mode, uploading videos to YouTube and pictures to Picasa directly from the phone.

· Android version 1.6 (Donut)
Donut (version 1.6) was released in September by displaying the search process better than before, the battery usage indicator and VPN control applet. Another feature is the gallery that allows the user to select the photos to be deleted; cameras, camcorders and interface the gallery; CDMA / EVDO, 802.1x, VPN, Gestures, and Text-to-speech engine; the ability to dial a contact; technological change text to speech (not available on all phones; procurement VWGA resolution.

· Android version 2.0 / 2.1 (Eclair)
Early Android versions which came into use by many smartphones, the main features of Eclair is a total change the structure and appearance of the user interface and is the first Android version supports HTML5 format.

· Android version 2.2 (Froyo: Frozen Yoghurt)
Android version 2.2 (Froyo) was launched in 2010. Android 2.2 was released with 20 new features, including the increase in speed, Wi-Fi hotspot tethering and support for Adobe Flash.

· Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Changes in general obtained from Android version include increased ability games (gaming), improved copy and paste function,, support for video formats VP8 and WebM, new audio effects (reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost)

· Android version 3.0 / 3.1 (Honeycomb)
Honeycomb Android designed specifically for tablets. Android version supports a larger screen size. User Interface on Honeycomb is also different because it was designed for tablets. Honeycomb also supports multiple processors and hardware acceleration (hardware) for graphics. The first tablet is made by running Honeycomb is the Motorola Xoom.

· Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the biggest updates for Google’s operating system. They enhance Android by observing what works on the iPhone and Windows phone then match with their own OS is Android.
Pros and Cons Mobile Android – The rapid development of the Android Operating System is very obvious once. Android menandingin created for other operating systems such as Blackberry, Symbian, iOS did show a very significant development. Of course, also thanks to the support-support major mobile phone manufacturers who participate bring mobile phones that use this operating system.

Excess Android

Multitasking – If you ever feel the advantages of Symbian that can open multiple applications at once, as well as Android are able to open multiple applications at once without having to close one of them.
Notifications ease – Every SMS, Email, or even the latest articles from the RSS Reader, there will always be a notification on the Home Screen Android, do not miss the LED indicator lights blinking, so you will not miss a single SMS, email or even misscall ,
Easy access to thousands of Android applications via the Google Android App Market – If you are happy to install applications or games, via the Google Android App Market You can download applications for free. There are many thousands of applications and games that are ready for you to download on Android phones.
Mobile phones are diverse choice – Talk Android phones, will feel ‘different’ compared to iOS, if IOS is limited to the iPhone from Apple, then Android is available on mobile phones from various manufacturers, ranging from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC to Samsung. And any handset manufacturer also brings Android phone with each style, such as Motorola with its Motoblur, Timescape Sony Ericsson with her. So you can freely choose the Android phone in accordance with the ‘brand’ favorite.
Can install a modified ROM – not satisfied with the standard view of Android, do not worry there are lots of Custom ROMs that you can spend on Android phones.
Widget – true, with the widgets on the homescreen, you can easily access various settings quickly and easily.
Google Mania – Excess other Android if you are loyal users of Google services ranging from Gmail to Google Reader, Android phones have been integrated with Google services, so you can quickly check email from Gmail.

Weakness Android

It is undeniable advantages besides of course no shortage of this operating system.
Continuous Internet connection – Yups, mostly based phone systems require a simultaneous internet connection alias continuously aktif.Koneksi GPRS internet is always active all the time, that means you must be prepared to subscribe to GPRS package that suits your needs.
Ads – Apps on Android it can be obtained easily and free of charge, but the consequences in each of these applications, will always be on display ads, either the top or bottom of the application.
Power wasteful – Use applications and games as well as the use of internet features are always active causes wasteful consumption of battery power.

Now you already know the picture of the second OS is not it? About which one is superior to the relative, the views of each person is different. If you want a powerful OS and power saving, the Symbian could be an option. But if you want an OS that is now a trend, the application and the game a lot, and want to feel the sensation of touch screen phones you can choose Android.

WhatsApp Download 2.12.90 Version for Nokia Symbian

July 15, 2015

WhatsApp download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian: WhatsApp developers are putting continuous efforts and releasing newer and improved versions of the app for Android and iOS versions every now and then. However, this time the WhatsApp developers have released a new version – WhatsApp download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian devices.

WhatsApp Download 2.12.90

WhatsApp Download 2.12.90

But, the much awaited Voice Calling still did not make its way to the Nokia Symbian users with the 2.12.90 version. If rumours are to be believed, this feature will be added to the future versions of the application for the Nokia Symbian devices.

Rumors also cropped up that the racial emojis are going to be finally added to the WhatsApp version for Nokia Symbian devices. However, it is not known as to when it will be happening.

How to install on Nokia Symbian device:
To install the latest WhatsApp 2.12.90 version on Nokia Symbian device, it is needed that the users first uninstall the existing version of the WhatsApp application on their Nokia device.
One more thing to be noted is that before you uninstall the current WhatsApp version that you have installed on your Nokia Synbian device, make a backup of your chat conversation history.
This can be done by going to Options->Settings->Chat History->Backup chat history.
Then head over to and download the WhatsApp 2.12.90 SIS file on your Nokia Symbian device.
After download of the WhatsApp 2.12.90 SIS file is complete, you can install it on your device.
Then, install it on your Nokia Symbian device.
Once the installation is complete, use your mobile phone number to get verified and restore the chat history.
Now, you are all with the latest BETA version of the application on your Nokia Symbian device.

So, Nokia Symbian users go ahead with the WhatsApp download 2.12.90 version on your devices and enjoy WhatsApp features.

Author: Archana Kabra


What is Symbian

July 15, 2015

Symbian is the name of an operating system on mobile phones. The operating system itself is a program or software that is used by mobile phone vendors to run their creations. It was on the phone.

System operation is also often used on the PC as we know it by the name Windows XP, Vista, Seven and Linux and Apple’s Mac OS.

Mobile phones with the operating system will have the functionality to resemble a PC. Because of the sophistication that’s so often called a smart phone or SmartPhone.

Symbian is an operating system Nokia’s pride, in use on most smart phones Nokia and only a few types of mobile phone brands Samsung and Sony Ericsson, but the latter two vendors that move to Android.

Symbian is consists of several types of OS (Operating System), namely: Symbian S60, S80, S90 and UIQ.
Nokia is struggling in the S60, S80 and S90, UIQ while only used in mobile phones Sony Ericsson series P and M.

By Nokia, Symbian was originally a closed operating system alias can not be the person who tinkers by other parties in the development of software. However, because of being pressured by Android is already open source, end Nokia released Symbian S ^ 3 has go open source or prepared towards open operating system, but is not yet fully open source.

Who does not know Symbian S60?

Symbian S60 that was developed by Nokia consists of several related species that we know called S60v1, S60v2, S60v3, S60v5 or S ^ 1, S ^ 3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle last.

What are the differences of each of Symbian?

Symbian S60v1.
Symbian OS is the first developed by Nokia for mobile phones of their smartphone.
You know the type of mobile phone Nokia 7650?
It was the first s60v1 symbian released by Nokia.
Furthermore consecutive Nokia 3650.3660, N-Gage and N-Gage QD.

After that, the Nokia then continuing the development of the Symbian OS S60v2 with the first mobile phone Nokia 6600, and Nokia 7610,3230,6630.6681,6680, N70 and others.

After the success with its Symbian OS, Nokia went on to release its latest Symbian OS ie S60v3 were first introduced in 3250 with a mobile phone type, (S60v3 normal resolution is 240×320, while the 3250 only has a resolution of 176×208, similar S60v2).

Proceed again with his S60v5 Nokia N8 5800.Kemudian class with Symbian S ^ 3 (resembling S60v5 but with a much more attractive interface and smooth), E6 Symbian Anna in (if Belle is still in the development stage).

Then, what is the difference Symbian OS was respectively?

For Symbian OS S60v1 and S60v2, there is almost no significant differences in the two systems in addition to the more fresh.

The weakness of the two is susceptible to the virus. S60v1 and S60v2 indeed developed without qualified security system so as to secure mobile phones, antivirus it mandatory for the pairs.

While on symbian s60v3, security system has been well made by Nokia that for the time being, or more precisely until today, s60v3 may not have a virus! if Anyone tell symbian it easy to hit the virus, it only applies to phones smartphones jadul class Nokia 6600 or N70. The latest now safe from all sorts of viruses. Besides s60v3, s60v5 also safe from viruses. So it is with Symbian S ^ 3, Symbian Anna and Belle.

For those of you who use a mobile phone Nokia smartphones with Symbian OS S60v3 or above, do not worry about the virus because until now, the security system S60v3 still qualified to ward off the virus.

While users of smartphones with Symbian OS S60v1 and S60v2, just use a reliable antivirus so your phone safe from all sorts of viruses.

Symbian OS: Advantages and Disadvantages

June 15, 2015

For those who know the ins and outs of cell phone you definitely are not familiar with the word Symbian. Symbian also has advantages and disadvantages, the following may be for example.
Advantages :
a. OS that is most in demand in 2007 to 2010, because the match does not exist at that time.
b. Symbian also been shown to perform well on a mobile phone and is designed for multimedia, almost all compatible applications can be installed.
c. Symbian is the designation of Nokia is no doubt the quality.
d. Symbian is an OS that can be modified all that is therein.
e. Symbian can be formed or changed appearance to taste.
f. Symbian is able to compete with competitors class competitors.


Disadvantages :
a. Symbian slumped to their new os made of other trademarks, such as iphone or blackberry is most severe that have been very popular today.
b. System configuration is similar to a computer, Symbian susceptible to the virus.
c. Symbian spelled almost eliminated this time because it may begin in 2013 Nokia Symbian phones are not issued anymore because it has been replaced with windows mobile made by Nokia.

Symbian Users
Before June 28, 2008, Nokia holds a 47.9 percent stake in the Symbian.Ltd, the remainder is owned by Ericsson, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens / BenQ and Sony Ericsson. But now, Nokia already has it all. So, do not be surprised if the average Nokia phone using this OS.

Symbian operating system similar to the desktop operating system. Symbian OS is able to perform operations multithreading, multitasking and safeguards against memory. And all programming on Symbian done event-based, meaning that the CPU hardware becomes inactive when there is no input in the form of specific activities.

Symbian OS itself is not open source software that are full because despite the availability of API and documentation, which much help party application developers to create software that runs on top of this operating system, published to the public, but not for the source code itself.